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Steps to Make a Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly Backyard

Having the perfect backyard really is the dream. We all need some space where we’ll be free of all of our issues and headaches and isn’t the back part of your home just perfect for that? Every time you feel the stress and negative emotions building up, you could simply step outside, breathe some fresh air, and sit in your beautiful backyard. The best part of it all that you could create this amazing atmosphere by yourself and you’ll make your backyard completely eco-friendly as well. Make sure to check out these tips and ensure that you get a low-maintenance backyard that will benefit the environment.

Pave the backyard

The first thing you could do in your backyard is to pave it up. Even though a green lawn looks amazing and appealing, it may not be the best solution for you. The first thing that makes the lawn a not-so-good idea is the fact that it needs a lot of maintenance. Keeping that lawn looking great takes a lot of time and you should think well whether you can afford it.

The lawn requires a lot of watering which makes it obvious why this is a poor choice when it comes to eco-friendliness. On the other hand, a pave is equally good aesthetics-wise and it makes a great eco-friendly option. You don’t even have to pave the whole lawn – cutting back on its size will do just fine as well.

Install a green wall

The next amazing idea that will transform your backyard is installing a green wall. This is a perfect solution for a small backyard. If you wish to do something lush in your backyard, but you lack the space, this is the way to go.

A smart thing to do is to make the side of your house a green wall. This is truly the greenest idea as this will also help you reduce your energy consumption. Namely, this green wall will create a new layer of insulation that will look good on your energy consumption bills in the future.

Opt for durability

When you choose outdoor products, you should always go for the most durable ones. Depending on the climate you need in, you’ll need different options. However, you’ll always need something that can go through harsh winters or some serious weather conditions. When equipping your backyard, always go for corrosion- and rust-resistant materials.

For instance, if you’re about to install a retractable roof, you’ll be happy to hear that these are very easy for maintaining and they are durable. You won’t have to worry about weather extremes with one made of the right materials and you’ll also be very happy to learn that these are easily cleaned as well.kitten in the garden

Recycle and repurpose

Is there a greener thing to do than to recycle? Of course, not! Reusing the resources we have is the key to keeping the environment safe. Whenever you get the chance to use recycled materials in your backyard, make sure to do it.

Another great way for you to go is repurposing. For instance, using reclaimed wood from some garden beds or outdoor shelving is an amazing idea. Using something old and giving it a new purpose will make your backyard even more personal and unique. Both you and the environment will benefit from this!family in the backyard

Light it properly

Being sustainable is all about preserving the resources we already have. Wasting water or energy is definitely a bad thing. On the other hand, installing some LED light bulbs could be a good thing. The benefits of LED bulbs will make you love them as soon as you get them.

Your outdoor décor is the first thing that will benefit from this change. You’ll immediately create a more intimate atmosphere and an inviting look. All of this isn’t even the best these light bulbs have to offer. Namely, they will help you save energy as well, which is the most common reason why people opt for them.

Start composting

Finally, you could start composting in your backyard. Creating a compost pile is a rather simple process. You can start a pile on bare earth – that’ll allow the worms to aerate the compost. First, make sure to lay some twigs and straws and, then, add compost materials.

Don’t forget to add manure and keep the compost pile moist. Once you cover the pile with some wood, carpet scraps, or anything similar you may find around, you’ll have it protected against rain, but you’ll also ensure that there is enough heat and moisture. Turning the pile quickly with a shovel every couple of weeks will mix it and keep it functional.


There are a lot of ways to act sustainably. Home décor is just one more area where you can be green and think of the environment. With these tips, you’ll have a low maintenance backyard that will help you practice sustainability perfectly.


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