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Easy Ways to Improve Your Health on a Daily Basis

Even though we might feel ok and like we’ve got out health under control, is it really so? A great number of people struggle with their health for a number of reasons, and we all strive to make healthier life choices. Some of us might dream about losing 30 pounds, quitting smoking, stopping drinking sodas, and getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep every night. Still, even with all our dreams and ideas, unless we actively start making life changes, it’s not likely it will happen. Here’s how you can improve your health on a daily basis:

Drink more water

The importance of drinking enough water every day cannot be overstated. Our bodies are made of water, and our internal organs, skin, nails, and hair all need it to stay healthy. When you aren’t drinking enough water, you risk migraines, dehydration, weight gain, disrupting sleep patterns, and having a bad mood. Every day we should drink at least eight glasses of water, and if you’re having trouble remembering that, try getting a reusable water bottle and carrying it with you. There are also people who need to set the alarm on their phones to remember to drink or perhaps install an app that will remind them. Whichever method works for you, stick to it because staying hydrated should be imperative.

Drink bitter coffee

We love our coffee. In fact, there are many people who would go so far as to say that they can’t function without their coffee. We drink it in the morning, afternoon, and sometimes even in the evening; we drink it to wake up and to feel better after a lousy day. Still, while coffee itself can be great for helping you stay awake and alert, did you ever wonder what kind of coffee you are really drinking? We would get out caffeine dose from a single (or a double) espresso, and if you are instead drinking venti caramel macchiato with ten shots of syrup and whipped cream, you’re not actually enjoying your coffee. You’re enjoying your sugar. So it would be a good idea to gradually reduce the amount of sugar you’re drinking in your coffee – your body will be grateful for the change.

Mind your salt

Just like your body doesn’t really benefit from a lot of sugar, it doesn’t like a lot of salt, either. This is because, as much as you enjoy snacking on salty treats, your body starts retaining water and struggling to process it. Excel salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and even stroke. If you’ve already suffered any of these, we advise you to take your health seriously and stop consuming as much salt. Professionals from Neurology NSW have a lot of experience in looking after patients with stroke, migraine, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. They are aware of just how much these minor changes in daily habits can improve a person’s health, regardless of their prior or existing conditions.

Drop your sodas

Everybody enjoys having a soda every now and then, but it can be so easy to get hooked and start drinking too much. While it’s great that you’re staying hydrated, drinking sodas and drinking water are two different things and have different effects on your body. If you like the flavour, you can always try making flavoured water and sipping it like you would a soda. Also, sparkling water is a safe way to add those fun bubbles without actually adding calories. Freshly squeezed lemon, orange, and lime juice are much healthier for you, and you could also start making shakes and smoothies with raw honey instead of chugging sodas.

Eat slowly

If you’ve been struggling with weight gain and found losing weight to be a tough task, it might be because you’ve been eating too quickly. Quick eating can cause weight gain even when you’re mindful of the portions, which is why faster eaters are at higher risk of being severely overweight. People who eat slowly, on the other hand, not only enjoy their food more but also tend to stop when they feel full. It might take a while for your stomach to signal to your brain when it’s full, so people who eat fast also tend to eat more than their body needs. This is why the next time you’re enjoying a meal, be it home-cooked or at a restaurant, you should try making a conscious effort to concentrate on the dish and every bite. When you try to eat slower, you can better observe the effect on your appetite.working out

Start working out

As a general rule, each week, healthy and capable adults should engage in at least three hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity. While this is a great tip, the reality is much different. Very few people have the time and the energy to start and keep working out. This is ironic since not working out will cause of getting sick later in life and also result in your having to take sick leave. You don’t have to start big and aim for the stars immediately. Even a mild exercise routine will give great results. So for starters, you can begin your day with a brisk walk or a jog. You can start taking more stairs and park your car a bit further down the street so you can walk to and from work. You could also join a dance class or start riding a bike with some family and friends.

Regardless of all our late-night decisions to turn our lives around and start making healthier and better decisions, getting the big things done isn’t as easy as we might have thought at first. If you’re hoping to accomplish your big goals and dreams, it’s best to start making small changes every day. Building up a healthy lifestyle isn’t something that happens overnight, so start small and stick to your decisions. Only when you’re consistent and dedicated will you see the results, and your body will be grateful.

Photos by Karolina Grabowska, Chevanon Photography.