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Conscious Travel Guide for Animal Lovers

Traveling the world and exploring all of its corners can be a fun, educational, and memorable experience. However, if we want to preserve the planet for all the generations that are yet to come, we have to pay attention to how we treat it. We need to implement various eco-conscious travel tips when going all over the globe, such as avoiding the plane, using bikes to get around, and taking green products like bamboo toothbrushes with us. However, where we travel and what we do there also matters.

With that in mind, if you love animals and would like to meet as many as possible during your trip while still doing your part in taking care of the planet, consider the following destinations.

Travel to Namibia to help local veterinarians

In case you’re planning on exploring Africa, why not add Namibia to your list as well? This country is home to many different animals, which you can meet while there. However, not only will you see a variety of species, but you can also help the local and international vets with all sorts of tasks such as examining, vaccinating, measuring, and weighing. For example, in Namibia, you can learn about desert lions, cheetahs, and leopards while you can visit the Desert Rhino Camp too to understand what is necessary for the black rhino’s survival.

Look for professionals that will show you around Scandinavia

If you’re from Europe and don’t want to take a flight in order to explore something new, you can visit the Scandinavian countries. For example, going to Norway during the summer is the best time to spot some polar bears. If you join a cruise, there will be guides that will tell you where to look to see seals, walruses, Arctic foxes, and many bird species. Then, Sweden is also home to different animals that inhabit its unspoiled wilderness. For instance, by signing up for a guided tour, you can encounter moose, wolves, roe deer, and owls. Avoid interacting with any of the animals on your own.

Volunteer in Belize

Maybe you love lounging on a beach as much as you love animals. In that case, book a trip to Belize. This country has countless stunning beaches that you can choose from while you can also find a volunteering program through which you can give back to the planet. For example, as there are endangered manatees in Belize, you can work with an organization and count the population, monitor their health, and keep track of various environmental factors. While in this breathtaking place, you can also learn about the local culture and enjoy activities like swimming, hiking, and kayaking.

See whales among the variety of Australian wildlife

When it comes to Australia, this continent is so big that you might not have had a chance to explore even a fraction of what it has to offer, even if you happen to live there. While there are beautiful attractions to see and activities to try, you don’t want to overlook the variety of animals you can encounter in any part of the country. For example, if you set your sights on exploring Western Australia, you can join exciting whale watching tours that will allow you to see all sorts of whales that frequent this area. For example, you can spot orcas, humpback whales, southern right whales, and blue whales. There are tours that leave from Perth, Bremer Bay, and Albany regularly so booking a spot won’t be difficult.

Help protect grizzly bears in Canada

Being bound to North America still leaves you with plenty of choices when it comes to conscious travel destinations. For example, you can visit British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. Here, you might get an opportunity to see grizzly bears in their natural environment from the safety of a tugboat or wooden schooner. During your expedition, you can see wolves and whales as well. Besides the rainforest, you can also enjoy stunning sights of fjords and different islands. Depending on the tour provider you opt for, a part of the proceeds could be going toward conservation efforts that have the aim of stopping the trophy hunting of grizzlies.

Take part in a Cambodia conservation tour

Asia is also full of wonderful destinations if you want to be conscious of the environment while traveling. While Thailand and India are great places where you can go and lend a helping hand, you should consider Cambodia as well. Many tour providers now offer ethical ways of exploring the land and all the animals that live there. For example, you can visit the biggest sun bear sanctuary in the world in Phnom Penh. Then, you can also pay a visit to the Elephant Valley Project to see and learn about the residents that are able to roam nature without worrying about poachers. Another interesting thing to do is head to the Mekong River and spot Irrawaddy dolphins that are critically endangered.

Work with wildlife in Bolivia

Finally, while there are many other opportunities all over the world to consider, you can also think about going to Bolivia and working with the local wildlife. Animals appreciate a warm hug and a sweet smile just as much as humans so consider volunteering in a refuge in Yungas where you can fall in love with all the creatures you interact with on a daily basis. Expect to work with turtles and tortoises, parrots and macaws, bears, monkeys, and wild cats. The property is doing its best to stay green by using solar ovens, collecting recyclable materials, purchasing local products, and combatting deforestation.

If you love animals and are doing your best to be conscious of the environment, keep these seven amazing destinations in mind. Bon voyage!

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