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Surprising Uses Of Bamboo In Skin And Nail Care

If you’re a fan of Korean skincare and the intricately crafted 10-step Korean beauty routine, then you’re probably aware that bamboo is being touted as one of the hottest ingredients in Korean beauty care. Because it is easy to grow, renewable, and quick to mature, it is now used in the ‘new age of sustainability’, for everything from fashion to skincare, nail care, and beauty accessories. If you still haven’t tried this ingredient in your own routine, the following new uses of bamboo may serve as inspiration to try a few products out.

Bamboo In Skincare

Bamboo is currently being used by top brands like Clinique, Eminence Organics, and Origins, owing to its ability to strengthen the skin barrier against bacteria, its purifying and detoxifying properties, and its potent antioxidant content (which helps skin fight aging by fighting free radicals). Bamboo is also known as a skin strengthener because it contains soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as vitamins, proteins and minerals. Bamboo charcoal is a particularly popular product, comprising bamboo that is ‘activated’ via injected steam. The result of the process is a powder that absorbs bacteria and toxins in a heightened manner, helping to exfoliate skin, reduce acne, and wield antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

Bamboo In Nail Care 

Bamboo has been used for centuries for traditional ‘cuticle push sticks’, helping to keep cuticles neat and clean without the need to cut the actual cuticle. The aesthetic beauty and smoothness of bamboo makes it ideal for accessories such as Sisal soap bags (which can be used to exfoliate hands and feet during a soap massage), reusable makeup remover pads (which can also be used with nail cleansing and exfoliation products) and bamboo dishes that can be used to elevate the nails during a manicure. Soft bamboo cloth can also play an important role during gel nail polish treatments. Gel nails are cured via UV or LED lamps – something that gives them an edge over traditional polishes, which can take several minutes to dry. However, to obtain a really beautiful nail finish, after buffing nails, applying fine layers of polish and drying them, you can use a soft bamboo cloth to remove any tacky surfaces that remain below or surrounding the polished area.

Bamboo In Hair Care

Bamboo can be found in products such as hair conditioners and serum, owing to its ability to strengthen weak, brittle, stress-affected hair. Bamboo extracts contain ingredients such as silica, known to strengthen hair and nails (bamboo is made up of around 70% silica). They also soothe the scalp, help improve circulation, exfoliate dead skin cells in the scalp, and strengthen hair follicles. Bamboo is also thought to aid in the production of collagen – the building block of healthy skin.

Bamboo has been used for centuries in traditional utensils for skin and beauty care. However, of late, there has been a big boom in the use of bamboo in everything from skin serums to hair conditioners. As this product contains high levels of silica and antioxidants, it is a powerful ally that can help promote healthier skin, hair and nails.

Photo by Neauthy Skincare on Unsplash