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Bamboo Crafts- A Simple Way To Adorn Your House

Some people love incorporating natural elements into their homes to acquire the ambiance of nature and the wild. For this reason, people would even opt for wooden decoration pieces or flooring to dive into the world of trees and forests. If you’re one of those people, you would be delighted to discover that wood is not the only natural element you can use to adorn your home. Bamboo is another excellent choice since it is popularly known for its green, strong, lightweight, and renewable features. You can use its exotic look to your advantage by creating bamboo crafts for various corners of your home.

The best part is that natural decoration isn’t restricted to homeowners only. You can style up your space even if you live with your family, own a simple garden, are a teenager with your own room, or rent a single house.

You can create the best exotic pieces with a low budget and some DIY craft ideas. Let’s look at six ways you can adorn your home with bamboo crafts.

Hand-crafted Bamboo wind chime

Wind chimes are serene and perfectly embody tranquility with the light, melodic tunes it creates when a gust of wind comes in contact. Many believe that wind chimes, specifically made of bamboo, purify energy and attract friendly spirits.

Wind chimes are a beautiful piece of decor, but when made with bamboo, it exudes the ideal outdoor charm that everyone needs. Once you create your piece, you can hang it in a tree on your front porch or backyard to enjoy the soothing sounds. This project is fun, simple, and a great learning opportunity.

Eco-friendly photo frame

It’s true that photo frames can be found in nearly every gift shop, but what’s a better photo frame for a gift than one hand-made with love? A DIY eco-friendly photo frame made purely from bamboo will make an excellent and thoughtful gift. Bamboo is sustainable and adds the desired natural touch, which is ideal for presents. You can also keep one for yourself and put a photo of your loved one in a photo frame that will last forever.

Blanket Ladder

A more practical and easy bamboo idea is to build a blanket ladder. It doesn’t require an advanced skill set or specialized equipment to make one.

They are highly versatile and are typically utilized as a towel holder or clothes hanger for your room to give it a stylish touch. This craft will give you a personalized and attractive addition to decorate your living space.

Fencing for privacy and as a landscape feature

Everyone cares about their privacy and considers it their top priority, but the most important part is to ensure you maintain privacy in the most elegant way possible. Get rid of that dull, broken garden fence and replace it with a brand-new bamboo one to add uniqueness and an exotic feel to your outdoor area. For an aesthetic design, you can line up decorative bamboo sticks of various thicknesses and lengths to create a stunning fence. Like making a raft, line up the sticks and then tie them together with nylon twine for a rustic look. You can transform your garden into a relaxing oasis.


You adore your bamboo fence so much you want to bring them indoors but don’t know how. The answer is simple; create a divider. A bamboo divider will give the exact same look as a fence while effectively separating the space and preserving the visual flow of the area, as dividers do.

To create another stunning divider, use the same method for your fence by constructing the divider using bamboo poles of different lengths for visual appeal. Its natural beauty, and versatility will create a rustic look for your indoors.

Wall paneling

Bring your attention to your walls and evaluate what you can do to enhance the natural look of your living room. When it comes to bamboo and rustic designs, paneling is the right option for you. If you want the best natural and light material, choose bamboo. Wall paneling with bamboo strips will give you a lifetime of natural experience in your space with its unique color and texture. Bamboo wall paneling hides any constructional flaws in your walls and enhances the room’s overall look.

Bottom Line

Bamboo as a material can create a stunning wind chime to hang on your front porch or backyard to enjoy soothing music. They also make for beautiful photo frames to put a picture of your loved one to cherish and place at your bedside. For a personalized addition to your home, you can create a bamboo ladder that is super simple to make.

Bamboo sticks are ideal for garden fences and an indoor dividers giving your home that rustic look. Finally, wall paneling is an excellent option to hide any constructional flaws in your walls while also enhancing the overall look of the room. We hope this article proves insightful to you.