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Everything you Need to Prepare for a Backyard Minimal Wedding

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For many couples, the prospect of a big, traditional wedding can be overwhelming. With so much to organize and so many people to please, it’s no wonder that many couples are increasingly looking at more intimate and low-key options for their nuptials.

A backyard wedding is a perfect way to make your special day more personal and intimate for you, your partner, and all of your guests. Of course, there are always going to be a few extra considerations when putting a backyard wedding together – especially if it’s in your own backyard!

The key to throwing a successful backyard wedding is to start with a plan that covers everything you need to get organized and prepared. Here’s our guide to everything you need to prepare for a backyard minimal wedding.

It’s all about the location

The first step to planning a backyard wedding is to ensure you have a suitable space. Small backyards may limit your guest list, but help you keep things simple and intimate. Larger spaces can accommodate a bigger guest list and offer more room for ceremony and reception set-ups — or perhaps even the addition of a tent or marquee. If you’re looking at something truly large scale, consider hiring out an event space or local park.

The Venue

If you decide on a backyard wedding, most of the work will be done outside; therefore, it is essential to have a beautiful landscape in good condition. If your yard doesn’t have the best lighting or needs a little touch-up, don’t worry too much! You can always add some string lights or lanterns in pretty places of your yard.

As for having large trees and potted plants as decoration, it is a great idea since they will add natural beauty to your wedding.

Choose the best date

The date will determine what day of the week your wedding will take place, and whether it will be a holiday weekend. Keep in mind that if your wedding is on a Saturday or Sunday, the tuxedo rental may have a higher price than any other day of the week.


A well-prepared plan will result in a less stressful event. To help you decide what you need to prepare for your outdoor wedding, we prepared a checklist for you:

-Decoration (how many tables and chairs do you need?)

-Flower arrangements (a good florist can make all the difference)

-Food and drinks (are you preparing it yourself or hiring someone?)

-Tableware (is it rented or borrowed from friends and family?)

-Lighting (there are plenty of lighting options)

-Parking spaces (for guests and vendors)


You wedding invitations are often the first impression people receive of your special day, and also provide important information on what to expect. You can choose a formal invitation style, but with an informal invite in mind, look for something that gives guests a taste of the day ahead. For example, if it’s going to be a relaxed outdoor event, choose something colorful and fun that will stand out from the crowd.

But while a backyard wedding is often cheaper than a traditional wedding, there are still plenty of costs to consider.

Tidy up the yard

In most scenarios, you’ll need to hire a marquee, furniture and catering such as a food truck or cart. Other expenses might include hiring toilets for guests and perhaps bringing in power generators alongside any entertainment you have planned. If you’re having your ceremony and/or reception in your backyard, chances are you need to hire some equipment: tables, chairs, table settings (including cutlery), glassware, wedding photo booth, tablecloths and napkins, catering equipment and cooking facilities if required and so on.

Your property may also need some work before the big day. Consider getting your lawn mowed and garden beds weeded if you want to set up the ceremony at home. Or, if you’re hiring a marquee, ask where it will be positioned and tidy the area around it.

And lastly – make sure those pesky pests won’t spoil the occasion by getting rid of any cockroaches, ants or rats well before your guests arrive.


It’s more intimate: A backyard wedding is perfect for couples who want a uniquely sentimental feel. Whether your backyard holds happy childhood memories or has been the place where you’ve made new ones together, getting married in your own backyard is sure to be an especially memorable experience.

It’s convenient: You won’t have to drive far or book hotel rooms for guests traveling from out-of-town. Everything will be right there and ready to go!

It saves money: Renting a traditional venue can quickly break the bank. Instead of spending thousands on renting a venue, you can use that money toward other aspects of your wedding. Hosting your own event will give you more freedom to spend within your budget, but it’s important to make sure you stay within it, too!

And don’t forget – the most important thing is to enjoy your wedding!

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