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Adding Bamboo Accessories to Enhance Your Home Office Set-Up

The home office is here to stay, as employees are now experiencing the benefits of working from home.  As such, people are expected to invest in their home workspaces this year, with some doing a complete renovation, while others will be redecorating their work areas for a fresh look. In 2024, designers and homeowners are expected to use more sustainable materials to decorate their spaces, and bamboo is one such eco-friendly material that is predicted to be utilized in home offices across the UK.

Practical, durable, and strong, bamboo makes the perfect addition to any home working space. It also adds a natural touch and a quiet elegance to any room, making it perfect to use for all types of home makeovers. If your remote working area is in need of a refresh this year, here’s how to add bamboo accessories to enhance your home office set-up. 

Use a Bamboo Room Divider 

If your home office set-up consists of a desk and chair in your living room, it’s likely that you’re constantly disturbed by family members and distracted by all the activities that are taking place around you. According to a recent survey, about 1 in 4 British people are more distracted when working from home. Having things or people around you that take away your focus from your tasks can have a negative impact on your performance. Thankfully, you can refresh your home office to enhance productivity by using a bamboo room divider. 

Bamboo room dividers or partitions are lightweight and fit most types of interior design themes. Apart from increasing privacy and enhancing focus, they also improve acoustics while adding character to your home office set-up. Look for bamboo dividers with three to four panels if you only want to separate your desk and chair from the rest of your living room. For more space, opt for bamboo partitions with five to six panels. 

Add Bamboo Pendant Lights

A home office set-up needs to be properly illuminated, especially if you do a lot of reading or typing for work. To add light to your space, consider hanging up some bamboo pendant lights. These beautiful lighting fixtures will add a warm and cosy ambience to your home office space. Moreover, hanging one right above your desk will give you soft overhead lighting that’s bright enough to do important tasks. Look for dome or basket-shaped bamboo light fixtures to give your home office a boho touch, or choose sculptural designs to give your workspace a modern look. 

Incorporate Small Bamboo Accessories Throughout Your Space

If you want to change the overall feel of your home office, commit to an all-natural design aesthetic and place several small bamboo items in your space. Replace your plastic wastebasket with a woven bamboo trash container, and add one or two medium-sized bamboo planters to your home office set-up. Place a small bamboo area rug underneath your desk, or a bamboo mat under your chair.

Next, give your desk a quick makeover by replacing your pen holder with a bamboo stationery organiser. Decorate by placing a small cactus plant on the opposite side of the organiser, then add a reed diffuser or a small wooden oil diffuser. Make sure to use bamboo water-based oil for your diffuser to fill your home office with a clean and refreshing scent.

You may also want to have a 3-tier bamboo trolley and turn it into a beverage and snack cart for your homework space. Use the topmost level for coffee or tea essentials, then fill the other tiers with snacks like cookies, trail mix, crackers, or candy. Place your snacks in glass jars and arrange them nicely in the trolley so that everything looks neat and organised.  

Bamboo can add a touch of natural elegance to your homework space. Consider adding bamboo to your home office and see how it enhances your remote working experience.  

Image by mrsiraphol on Freepik.