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8 Useful Tips to Make Your Shaving Routine More Eco-friendly

You may have taken a hard look into your shaving routine, and you realize that it is not sustainable. Do not worry, because it is likely that you are not the only one.

Luckily, it’s not too late to make your shaving routine eco-friendly. Here are eight practical shaving tips that can help you achieve that:

Use a straight-edged razor or safety razor

Consider a straight edge or safety razor as a better and more efficient alternative instead of always getting a disposable razor. These two razors are better at giving you a close shave, and they don’t require you to replace the blade often.

Overall, they’re a safer long-term cost and work well while also being more sustainable.

If you find a reliable men’s razor subscription, you won’t have to constantly buy a new straight-edge razor. Instead, you can get refills for your current razor regularly.

It would be less wasteful since you’re only refilling your blades. It’s more convenient for you since the refills are delivered straight to your door when you need them.

Opt for a plant-based shaving cream

Instead of using the usual shaving cream that’s readily available, why not opt to use shaving cream made from plants or natural ingredients?

If you’re experiencing an after-shave irritation, even though you’re using shaving cream, consider swapping your cream with something plant-based.

Some manufacturers make shaving cream using natural ingredients. That’s because it is not harsh on the skin.

Another thing you can do is use shaving cream alternatives like coconut oil or olive oil.

Use shaving bars or make your own

Aside from using plant-based shaving cream, you can also use shaving bars. It functions as a facial soap and helps you reduce the amount of waste you produce when shaving.

There are now small businesses that sell shaving bars. However, you can also opt to make your own if you have access to the raw materials.

Of course, before you replace your shaving cream, make sure that you finish it up entirely. Otherwise, it will be a waste to purchase a new one and forget about the old one.

Go for a vegan and eco-friendly brush

Another way you can have an eco-friendly shaving routine is to use a vegan or earth-friendly shaving brush.

Here’s the thing: Tons of plastics come with commercially available cleaning supplies. Once you’re done with it, you will only send it to the landfill.

Hence, don’t forget to be smart with the businesses you support if you buy an eco-friendly shaving brush. Some people might cover the brush in the appearance of wood or bamboo to make it more “eco-friendly,” but beneath that, it’s still plastic.

Check out other people’s reviews before committing to an eco-friendly and vegan shaving brush.

Quit using microbead exfoliators

A critical part of your shaving routine would be the exfoliating stage before you do start shaving. That way, you reduce the count that can block up your razor.

However, one mistake that many people make when shaving is not to exfoliate after shaving, which can irritate the skin, so make sure not to do that.

Aside from exfoliating before shaving, you should also consider not using microbead exfoliators. Many of these microbeads are made of plastic and eventually washed down into bodies of water. These microbeads can harm marine life while creating small tears in your skin and exposing it to bacteria.

Look for reliable chemical exfoliators instead of microbead ones or even natural sugars to exfoliate with.

Buy sustainably-packaged after-shave balm

Aside from shaving creams or shaving bars, you should also figure out what to do with your after-shave balm.

Make sure that you’re using after-shave balm made from sustainable materials and created in ethical ways. It can help if you read the details on the packaging, which could cause an otherwise sustainable item rendered moot.

Make sure that the packaging is sustainable so that the packaging won’t be leaving a negative environmental impact.

Recycle your blades

If you have any used metal blades, don’t just throw them away. Instead, you should find a way to recycle them.

However, it is more than just placing your used razor blades in the recycling bin and calling it a day. It’s better to contact a nearby recycling center so that you can properly responsibly dispose of these blades.

Don’t over-shave

You might be going through a lot more razors than you should be because you are shaving too often or too much.

It’s okay if you prefer to have a clean and freshly-shaven look every day for the rest of your life. However, if it’s not, then consider cutting down on how often you shave.

That way, you don’t constantly scrape at your skin and damage it. At the same time, you are reducing the amount of waste that you generate from your shaving routine alone.

Over to You

With the help of the sustainable shaving tips listed above, you can build an eco-friendly shaving routine. This means that you can manage your facial hair without adding damage to the environment (hair is compostable, anyway).

Nonetheless, you should make use of what you have before making the swap. That’s because doing so can only lead to more waste, defying the purpose of having a sustainable shaving routine.

You should also ensure that you are using legit eco-friendly shaving products. That way, you will not become a victim of greenwashing.


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