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6 Best Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

Are you considering new flooring options for your home? Have you thought about going green too? With everyone trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible, you can find an array of green flooring options that will allow you to decorate your home without leaving too big a carbon footprint in the process. One of the best benefits of eco-friendly flooring is that it offers both an aesthetic value and protects the planet all at the same time. Moreover, it won’t break your bank.

Cork floors

If you’re surprised by this suggestion, we’ll say that you’re not the only one, as cork is relatively new to the flooring world. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree commonly found in the forests of the Mediterranean. The trees will grow back every three years, so cork turns out to be one of the ideal renewable sources. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, cork is perfect for your home flooring. It reduces allergens in the home, and on top of that, cork is also fire retardant, easy to maintain and will repel insects as well. You can choose a number of finishes for cork, and have it blend into your home seamlessly. Because cork is very durable, you can put it in any room of your home, and it will offer perfect flooring. You can expect your cork floor to withstand wear and tear for up to 30 interior

Bamboo flooring

For those looking for eco-friendly wood alternatives, we suggest you look into bamboo flooring.  Bamboo is grass that is similar to hardwood in characteristics. Aside from being durable, bamboo is also easy to install and maintain.  Bamboo is made from natural vegetation that grows to maturity in three to five years, which makes it perfectly sustainable. You can find bamboo in a variety of hues that will work in any home design.

Reclaimed hardwood

Hardwood flooring has that charming effect that makes your home look warmer and more elegant than other materials do. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on natural timber flooring just because you’re environmentally conscious. On the contrary, now you can go for an eco-friendly alternative – reclaimed hardwood. Reclaimed wood reuses existing wood from trees that were chopped down years ago. Salvaged wood flooring will be a perfect option for your beach cottage or a mountain cabin.armchair


Throughout the years, people have opted for carpets as their ideal flooring solution. Being soft to walk on, offering extra warmth during winter months, and absorbing the sounds echoing from the walls, carpets are very convenient in every home. With eco-friendly options, such as wool carpet you can now have perfect flooring without endangering the environment. Wool is extremely very durable and can last for centuries.

Consider linoleum

Linoleum is another eco-friendly flooring solution gaining popularity.  When linseed oil, cork dust, tree resins, wood flour, pigments and ground limestone are mixed, you get premium quality linoleum flooring. Being fire-retardant and water-resistant make it an ideal choice for your home. It comes in a vast array of vibrant colours, and it will look fabulous in your kitchen, where spills are frequent. With an additional protective layer, no stains will be able to stay on your linoleum floor.armchairs placed near window

Glass tiles

Do you know how all the glass bottles you send for recycling are converted into something new? Well, those are precisely beautiful glass tiles that you can make a part of your home design. Whether you decide to have glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, this renewable source will look perfect on both floors and walls. Like other eco-friendly materials, glass is non-absorptive and won’t mildew or mould in damp environments. It’s stain-resistant and very easy to maintain. You can choose from a full spectrum of colours, patterns and finishes suitable for most design schemes.

Final thoughts

Going green is of the essence if we want to preserve our planet for future generations. So, if you’re remodelling your home, you can easily go green when choosing your new flooring. Whether you go for cork, linoleum, wool, glass tiles or repurposed hardwood, you’ll make sure our planet doesn’t suffer for a second as you make your home more beautiful.

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