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20 Cool Things You Can Add to Your Bedroom

One of the best things you can do to your house is to make sure the bedroom looks out of the world. Since you’ll be spending the majority of your time bunking in your bed, here’s a list of 20 cool things to add to your bedroom that’ll raise your bedroom game to a BIG 100. 

  1. Lighting

Lighting for the bedroom should be done in layers. Make sure to focus on 3 kinds of lighting: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

  • Ambient light can also be called general lighting – like the natural sunlight, this also bathes the entire bedroom in light.
  • Accent lights are used for highlighting visual features that one may wish to showcase, such as artwork or huge canvases. 
  • Task lighting is to focus on something functional, for example, when you’re reading, writing, or doing some other tasks.

The best way is to have all three types of lights to meet the needs of the room and incorporate it that way. Building these layers of light, it should create a relaxing, soulful, and gentle atmosphere with the lighting that is soft and flattering with some bright spots in places where they are needed.

  1. Pictures On the Wall With Fairy Lights

Now there will be many things to consider that’ll go on the wall but pictures should be one for sure. They are a gateway to memories and it’s best to hang some in plain sight where you can cherish them each day and start your day with a smile. Use gold metal grids, black and white frames, or simply a string and some pins to add your pictures wherever you like. You may even decorate around it with some fairy lights to make the whole look whimsy around the back of your bed. This will be the perfect spot for your Insta Stories as well so get to it! 

  1. Plush Carpets

Now that we’ve covered the wall, let’s talk about the floor. If you don’t have carpeted floors already, try adding 2-3 different patterns of carpet around the room. One of them could come under the front of the bed. Choose carpets that aren’t too bright since it might cause a distraction, such as neutrals or pastels, and try to match it to the theme of the walls. Also, a fluffy, feathered (white) rug will tie the whole room together, and make you and your feet feel like you’ve stepped onto a cloud in the magical Swiss Alps instead of stumbling into yet another Monday, here on Earth.

  1. Wallpapers With Wild Prints

How many of us have been surprised by some walls that have great wallpapers and then put it on our list of things to try for our homes as well? Well, this is the time for you to go crazy. Wild prints such as a jungle theme or palm trees will look better than you can imagine, plus it’ll add to the whole peaceful vibe. 

  1. Floor Lamps with Dimmers

Now, we’ve already talked about lighting but this may be of use when you choose to do some reading by the bed. A floor lamp has amazing length and flexibility so you can choose to sit on a lounger or anywhere you like and still use it with comfort. Make sure to choose a classy hue of beige, brown, or grey since it shouldn’t be too loud compared to other wall accents. Floor lamps with antique brass and teak finishes will add a unique and vintage look to the bedroom decor. 

  1. A Vanity Table with an LED Mirror

A vanity table adds a luxurious look to the bedroom and is functional too. The table should be accompanied by a horizontal mirror in front and a bench to sit on when you have to get ready. Add some lights around the mirror on its sides, so that your makeup game remains as strong as your bedroom vibe. Also, a multilevel jewelry stand on top of the dresser will look elegant and complement other gold things in your bedroom collection. Don’t miss out on the cabinets around the vanity table if you hoard makeup, jewelry, and hairstyling equipment like it’s your job.

  1. Lounger with an Ottoman

The ultimate resting place can also be your next favorite spot in the bedroom – which is your lounger and an ottoman. Loungers are the perfect place to rest and watch TV, read a book, surf online, or work on lazy days. The ottoman with secret storage space can help to move some clutter from around the room and also give rest to your feet when you lounge. 

  1. A Tall Bookshelf from the Ceiling to the Floor

If you’re a reader, get this and thank us later. If you’re not a reader, get this and decorate it with showpieces among books and other things. A tall bookshelf is a perfect example of utilizing space in the best possible way. Who says you can’t decorate a bedroom? Then a bookshelf is one wise way to go about if your bedroom has the space to compensate for it.

  1. Tapestry on Top of the Bed

A tapestry is the easiest way to decorate a wall, but the wall above the bed is the best place to hang a tapestry. 

  1. Plants, Plants, and Plants.

A set of hanging planters, decorative succulents, planter stands, is how a proud plant parent would feel at home. If you have white walls, this is the most ecological way to add color to your bedroom so go ahead and get shopping at a nursery. Although if your room doesn’t get enough natural light, consider getting artificial plants and you won’t have to carry the burden of keeping them alive.

  1. A Wall Mounted Television

If you’re one to Netflix and Chill, here’s the best piece of advice for you – get a wall mount TV that can be shifted left and right, up and center as per your comfortable ‘lounging’ positions in your bed. With MantelMount, you wouldn’t have to worry about things like ‘how high to mount tv in a bedroom?’ or “how to hide TV wires?” Just get MantelMount and you will be good to go for watching movies and tv shows. 

  1. The Best Sound System

Investing in a good sound system never proved wrong for anyone, so take this chance to bring in your favorite pair of Bluetooth speakers or a homepod even (if you’re opting for a smart home), that can change the way you listen to music, enjoy get-togethers with friends and party on weekends.

  1. Sheer Curtains

Want to add a sophisticated flair to your bedroom? Add some sheer windows, preferably white so that the sunlight can stream in and light up the entire bedroom. You can never overdo the design of the bedroom if you’re using sheer curtains. If the curtains aren’t enough to block out the light from outside, you can add some tan-colored blinds and use it along with the curtains.

  1. A Wireless Charging Station

This will be a great addition to your bedside table to help organize your phone, tablet, AirPods, and watch. Add this and you can wake up to no wires and a fully-charged slate of all your devices each and every morning. 

  1. The Best Set for Your Bed

A bed set made of satin not only looks lovely but feels good too. Satin means less frizzy hair, which can spare you the ten minutes you spend each morning to untangle your mane. Add in a throw cover and comforter made of fleece, soft enough to make you take accidental naps during the day. A set of pop-colored pillow covers can put the whole look together.

  1. An Air Purifier or Humidifier

If you have respiratory issues or live in a polluted city, the air purifier is a must. It will help reduce your allergies and provide you with a goodnight’s sleep. Also, if you want to turn your bedroom into an exclusive spa, then add a humidifier. It comes with some comforting lights and also helps those with a case of sinus.

  1. A Bed for Your Furry Friends

For people who have cats or dogs, don’t forget to add a bed for them next to yours. This will give them their own space as well as provide them with more comfort and a feeling of security, having you in their presence. Find a cozy little corner and choose something soft for them to lounge in.

  1. A Weighted Blanket and a Lovesac

The idea of a weighted blanket is to help you rest when you’re facing sleeping issues. It also helps with stress and anxiety so this may just be a perfect addition to your bedroom. A lovesac is the best bean bag to jump into (no matter how tall you are) or to take your regular naps. It’s much cozier than a bed and may even be perfect for you if you’re a hermit. 

  1. Mirrors and Painting

The most personal space in the house is a bedroom. This is the perfect place for you to express yourself in your own unique sensibility. Although, there’s no need to go overboard with the art you select for your bedroom. You may just pick one ideal piece that speaks the most to you and add that. As far as mirrors go, you can add them on top of your bed or in sets on the wall. It also depends on your taste entirely and how much space is available for you to add them. 

  1. A Working Station

Wanted to add this in the end since we know how much you dread the idea of sitting on a chair and typing emails nonstop from 9 to 6. So let’s make the most of it by adding a simple desk or a wall-mounted shelf if you don’t want it to take too much space, since we don’t want to clutter the bedroom. It can be placed facing away from the bed, next to the window so that you can avail natural light during the day and you’re good to go. Personalize it with some frames and a vase or add warmth by burning a candle so that you can work peacefully.