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10 Reasons to Re-Sod your Garden with Emerald Zoysia

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10 Reasons to Re-Sod your Garden with Emerald Zoysia

You have various choices for plants, trees, shrubs, and grass to choose from when trying to install a new lawn or recreate a new one. You can select several trees and plants, but it has been recommended to install sod grass and especially Emerald Zoysia for the choice of grass.

10 Reasons Why to Use Emerald Zoysia For Re-Sod

Emerald Zoysia is a species belonging to the Zoysia cultivator that has a beautiful dark-green or emerald color. When it is fully established, it gives an even appearance to the lawn. Clients request sodding from suppliers because they want to either create a new property or re-sod the old one. The following are the reasons why re-sod is asked for.

Foot Traffic Causing Bare Spots

Heavy foot traffic happens in areas where sports are played, or children are playing most of the time. This is the cause of bare spots in the grass. Ordinary grass can’t resist heavy foot traffic, but the sod grass can.

Presence of Weeds and Fungus

A problem with regular grass is that fungus and weeds can grow along with the grass. The stubborn nature of weeds and fungus is that they reoccur even after killing. Another reason for installing Emerald Zoysia is that it is genetically modified to eliminate the possibility of having fungus and weeds on the grass.

Discoloration of the Grass

Normal or hydroseeding doesn’t give uniformity in terms of color to the grass. People often complain that the grass is greener in one area but has patches of lighter color. The plugs of sod grass are made on unique farms in the form of mats. These rolls of mats are then laid on the previously prepared soil to give an even color to the lawn.

Regular Grass Doesn’t Give Desired Results

An issue with seeding is that many times seeds are not appropriately scattered. The result is that the grass-grown is patchy. It has a mixture of lush and light green patches. The sod grass purchased from wholesale dealers, including Atlanta Sod Farms, has the same color mats produced in rolls of mats of the same color.

Want to Save Time on Maintenance

Generally, Emerald Zoysia and other Zoysia like Zeon Zoysia sod require the least time on maintenance. Watering and mowing are once a week, and the fertilizer has to be applied annually, unlike in average seeding, where you have to take care of the grass daily.

Quick Establishment of Lawn

Planting seeds and even hydroseeding takes at least four weeks to establish the lawn properly. The seeds are planted, and then after a long wait, leaves spring out. This can take three weeks, but when you lay the sod rolls, you have to wait for two weeks for a fully established lawn.

Previous Sod Lived Out Its Life

A good quality sod grass will last for at least seven years, and after this period, issues can’t be resolved through maintenance. This indicates that it is the right time to replace the previous sod grass with a fresh one.

Pets Causing Injury the Sod Grass

The garden of the house that has pets and especially dogs face a lot of sod grass-related issues. Dogs have habits of running, digging, pooping, and urinating on the lawn. These habits damage the grass on many levels, and the ultimate solution is replacing the injured sod grass patch.

Soil Erosion is Prevented

In many areas of the USA, the land is suffering from erosion. In these locations, sod grass can be installed to prevent erosion. The roots of the sod grass grip the soil firmly.

Emerald Zoysia Sod Grass Helps the Environment

According to scientists, a square foot of sod grass emits more oxygen than a full-grown tree. So, think about the amount of oxygen excluded by a large area that has sod grass installed.

All of the above reasons are valid to consider when deciding to re-sod the lawn with Emerald Zoysia. The following three questions will solve any further confusions that you might have about sodding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of sodding?

The primary purpose of sodding is to establish a beautiful and even-looking garden. The rolls of sod grass, including Emerald Zoysia, are created with symmetry, which gives each roll the same color and texture.

When should I resod my lawn?

If your previous sod grass has any issues mentioned in the article, then be sure that the time has come to resod the lawn; the best time to consider resodding is in early and early autumn.

Is it better to resod or reseed?

Experts have suggested resodding the lawn because it will take less time for its establishment, the result of texture and color will be even, you can spend less time on maintenance.