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10 Eco-Friendly Ways To Detoxify Your Body

The modern lifestyle can cause a build-up of toxins and waste materials in your body. Also, unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity slow down the detoxification processes. As the toxins build up in the internal organs, you are more prone to health issues and metabolic disorders. To lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, you can try to support the natural detox process. Start with a raw diet rich in fruits, veggies, as well as nuts. Along with this, you must focus on staying hydrated to ensure the proper transport of nutrients in the body.

1.   Limit Your Eating Hours

One of the best ways to detox your body and allow it to heal is through a few hours of fasting. You can follow an intermittent fasting schedule to reduce metabolic activities and let your internal organs recover. Also, it ensures the proper removal of debris, toxins, and waste products out of your system. Try to eat your dinner early and extend the breakfast timings by an hour or so. That way, you can ensure a 15 to 16 hour-long fasting between the last and first meal of the day.

2.   Try Herbal Supplements

Another way to increase the removal of toxins and cleanse your system is through herbal supplements. You can try herbal extracts like Kratom or CBD to ensure an eco-friendly detox process. While the kratom supplements act upon the opioid receptors, the CBD extracts stimulate the cannabinoid receptors. Both supplements are effective in increasing the rate of detox. Also, it might help reduce the accumulation of free radicals in your system.

Such effects decrease the oxidative damage to your organs and promote harmony related to your body. You can get more info here about the efficacy and mechanism of kratom and alcohol on your body.

3.   Eat More Raw Foods

Do you end up munching on snacks or sugar-laden foods all day long? It’s important to replace unhealthy snacks with some wholesome food options. You can include more raw fruits and veggies in your snacking regime. Also, try to replace the meals with salads or juices to get more fiber in your system. It boosts your digestion, curbs the accumulation of fats, and enhances the excretory processes of the body. All these effects sum up to create the much-needed balance between your physical and mental health.

4.   Drink Enough Water

When you wake up in the morning hours, it’s crucial to hydrate your body and drink plenty of water. After a 7 to 8 hour-long dehydration phase, the first thing your body needs is a glass of water. Also, you must keep your body hydrated the entire day to accelerate the transport of essential nutrients. It might help you detox and get rid of the accumulated debris.

Not to forget, proper hydration reduces the chances of diabetes by keeping your sugar levels in check. Take your water bottle along with you to hydrate your vital organs and energize the body in no time.

5.   Do More Stretching

If you feel tired while working or fail to take enough breaks, you must get up and do some stretching. Try to take breaks and move your body once in a while to get the blood rushing in your system. Also, it increases the transport of debris in your excretory cells and promotes detoxification. Frequent stretching curbs lethargy and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. Along with this, the increase in heart rate ensures calorie breakdown and keeps your body in shape.

6.   Limit Alcohol Intake

One of the primary reasons behind the lack of proper detox and debris removal is high alcohol intake. Alcohol is a diuretic that increases the excretion of water out of your system. Further, it creates a state of dehydration that ceases the removal of toxins out of the body. Hence, it’s essential to limit your alcohol intake during the times of detox for proper health.

It helps conserve water and transports the essential nutrients to the vital organs. If you’re drinking alcohol in moderation, you can always balance out the diuretic effects by increasing your water intake.

7.   Start Your Day With Healthy Beverages

For all fitness enthusiasts who wish to promote detox, healthy beverages are a great way to start.  You must get some herbal tea extracts or prepare the ones available in your garden. Some herbal tea options like chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm ensure a healthy mind as well as an energetic body. Also, the teas might increase the excretion of debris and cleanse your vital organs. You can sip on some warm herbal beverages to soothe your body in no time.

8.   Focus On Adequate Sleep

Most of the time, you work till late night hours and don’t get enough sleep. A prolonged lack of sleep can take a toll on your healing mechanisms and cease removing toxins. Also, it reduces the rate of recovery and might predispose you to constant health issues. If you’re working on your detox goals, you must try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of consistent sleep. It increases the chances of detox and ensures proper rest before you start another day.

9.   Do Some Exercises

There’s no doubt about the fact that exercise is essential for your mental as well as physical health. Detoxification is all about supporting your body in the natural cleansing process. Your heart rate shoots up and promotes the other vital organs to function faster when you work out. As a result, even the removal rate of debris increases, taking you closer to your detox goals.

10. Take Time To Destress

Stress is one of the major culprits behind a lack of recovery, detox, and regeneration. If you’re living under a constant stressful condition, it might be difficult to achieve proper detox. Hence, you must try to distress through different rejuvenating ways. Take a walk down the woods or play your favorite songs while walking. Also, you may try to jot down your thoughts and limit suppressing your emotions.

The Takeaway

Sustainable living is all about ensuring a state of health through natural and holistic measures. Instead of resorting to colorful liquids or pills, you can try the natural ways of detoxification. Start your detox journey by increasing the plant-based food intake, proper exercises, sleep, and self-care. Further, you can try other means of eco-friendly detox for wholesome living.

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