3 Types of Chair Covers to Perk Up Your Wedding

3 Types of Chair Covers to Perk Up Your Wedding

Weddings are certainly the most significant events in people’s lives. You would like to make your big day the most memorable and perfectly planned to perfection. The essential part of any wedding is the reception. One of the best ways to making your reception more appealing and stylish is by dressing the chairs with trendy chair covers.

Then, if you are hosting your wedding reception in your garden or lawn, you need to keep your outdoor furniture look new. According to an article published on Forbes.com, you can do so by taking care of the chair cushions. Using first-rate covers will also keep your outdoor wedding chairs and other furniture spick and span. Then, what kind of chair covers to use on the wedding day? Read on to get the answers.

1. Lycra chair covers

These covers are unique when it comes to look and feel, fitting snugly on all kinds of wedding chairs. The covers are made of Lycra and require little upkeep or maintenance. Even if dirt is found on the covers, it could be easily wiped off. Moreover, these covers are 100 percent wrinkle-free and do not require ironing. You can pair these covers with beautiful organza sashes or wedding sashes.

The material stretches to fit any shape or kind of chair and available in shades of white, red, black, gold, and blue. You can perk up the reception area by pairing Lycra covers with satin or organza sash to add a dash of color to your chair covers.

2. Scuba chair covers

If you have not made up your mind as to what chairs to choose for your big day or looking for more flexible covers, then scuba chairs covers are your best bet. These covers are designed to perfection and fit any chair no matter whether it is short back or tall.

The material is extremely flexible so much that you can stretch it horizontally or vertically. It is the preferred choice of elite couples, brightening up sophisticated wedding venues with its beauty, grace, sophistication, and style. People using scuba chair covers are lovers of luxury and elegance. These covers are perfect for banquet-style chairs.

3. Banquet chair covers

If you are contemplating to choose banquet chairs for your wedding reception – chairs without arms and having high backs, then banquet chair covers are your best choice. That is because these materials cover banquet chairs flawlessly.

These covers are made from satin or polyester; the most preferred and commonly used linen for wedding venues. Banquet chair covers look stunning if you pair these with beautiful and colorful satin sashes.

Satin flower-style banquet chairs create a mesmerizing appeal, ideal for making the couple seating stand out, or for a wedding with a more innate theme. You can choose from elegant white, black, burgundy, blue, silver, and more.


When choosing chair covers for your wedding day, focus on the chair type, fabric, designs, patterns, and colors. Now that you have all information, you can make an informed decision to make your big day unforgettable.

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